Academic Probation

Academic Probation

Students progress at their own rate of comprehension. Every student will be required to complete 1 years' worth of work unless parents request a different work load. The student's necessary work is then broken down into 4 quarters, 9 weeks, and daily goals. Parents are then notified multiple times throughout the year of their student's progress.

A student's progress is measured in percentage of completion. Students that keep their percentage in the 95 percentile and above, are doing excellent work. Students in the 94 to 85 is average, 84 to 75 below average, and any student dropping below a 75 percentile will be placed on academic probation.

There are three steps to academic probation:

(1) Conference is called with parents. A discussion regarding student's academic load is required.

(2) Students will have 6 weeks to bring work load up to 75% or better.

(3) Students failing to complete the above listed task, will be given 4 weeks to seek educational opportunities elsewhere.