Policy & Procedures

Admissions Procedure

(1.) Parents and student must read this handbook thoroughly.

(2.) Application is submitted, accompanied by registration fee, previous report card, birth        certificate, a current physical assessment by a medical provider, and social security card.

(3.) An interview with the parents, pupil, principal and/or administrator is conducted.

(4.) Parents will be notified of acceptance and dates for diagnostic testing.

All students upon entering Kindergarten and 7th grade must have the following immunizations: Diphtheria, Polio, Measles, Rubella, or a signed "Request for Exemption from Immunization" form.


Medical Guidelines

No student will be allowed to administer medication to him/herself or another student. All medication must be turned into the school office.


Parental Involvement

Parent Orientation, and conferences promote a good understanding between parents and the administration of this school. Every parent is required to participate in these informative and helpful programs.

The Parent Orientation meeting is held at the opening of school. Individual parent conferences with the administrator and/or teacher is scheduled only when necessary.

Also, parents are required to contribute at least 20 hours of volunteer service each year. This can be performed in many ways, such as assisting in the learning center, reading groups, tutoring, field trips, and especially fundraising.

All parents are welcomed in the school. When a visit to the classroom is necessary, the parent must check in at the office first. NO PARENT IS TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE CLASSROOM. If a parent wishes to speak with a supervisor, a private conference should be arranged through the school secretary. Lunches, homework, books, and other items may be left in the office to be delivered to a student. School phones are for business use only. Please do not call and ask to speak to you child unless it is an emergency.