Christian Life Academy’s core curriculum is the Accelerated Christian Education system or more commonly known as the PACE System. The ACE Curriculum is a mastery based-independent study program where each student is dealt with on an individual basis. Upon acceptance to CLA each student is given a diagnostic test which will determine learning gaps and student performance levels within the different subjects. Chromebooks are issued to each student for USE throughout the day for supplemental classes such as Khan Academy, Everfi, Conversational Spanish, etc.

          Students work at their own rate of Comprehension, however, a complete year of work must be completed before students are promoted to the next grade level. If a student fails to complete the prescribed work during the school year, promotion will be withheld only until the workload is completed.

          High School credits are earned as work is completed. A high school student (grades 9-12) will earn one-half credit for every 6 PACE's that is completed. Partial credit will be issued for incomplete work if student withdraws from CLA for any reason.

Progress Reports

The grading system of our school is designed to give parents a true indication of the student's progress or lack thereof 

94%-100% = A

88%-93%   = B

85%-87%   = C

Progress reports are sent home to parents the following week of the end of each 9-week period. The report is placed in an envelope which is to be signed by the parent and returned to the school promptly. Grades are based on successfully completed PACEs. Students will be promoted upon the completion of one year's work.


Our curriculum is a mastery-based system, which means a grade of at least an 85% must be received on a test before a student can advance in his level. There are 5 main subjects in each grade level. Each subject is divided into 12 bite size workbooks called PACEs. The PACE is divided into 3 parts: work area, checkup (section quiz), and self-test (pre-test). Work in PACEs is done only in pencil. Students are responsible for scoring and correcting their own work. PACEs are private property and are not to be shared among students.


Taking a Test

After a PACE is completed, scored, studied, and a passing grade is received on the self-test; the student will test the following morning. Tests are administered at the testing table where there will be absolute no communication of any kind accepted. A student must receive permission to leave the testing table. The student and parent will be notified of the test grade the following Monday morning with a Congratulation Slip.


Congratulation Slip

Students receive a Congratulation Slip and a corresponding colored star every Monday morning. These slips should be taken home to parents.


Progress Charts 

Students are issued a corresponding colored star matching the subject upon completion of a test. These stars are placed on the Progress Chart for parents, students, and supervisors to keep tract of individual progress being made. 


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